Open-Xchange Server 5 Simplify.


Graduate from email to Smart Collaboration. Get everything in one place; accessible from Everywhere. At a price a CFO can love. Share secure email, calendars, documents, contacts and tasks.


Open-Xchange Server 5.0 offers state-of-the-art functionality and usability at a disruptive and unbeatable price.  It works with a broad array of browsers, PDA's, and rich clients.  Unique features - such as Documail, the integration of document sharing and email, Smart Links, Smart Privacy, and Universal Access - make it the most productive collaboration tool on the market.  Organizations use Open-Xchange Server's GUI-based administration module featuring Tiered Entitlement to implement role-based user management.

Innovative connectors, called "OXtenders", enhance customer flexibility by using open standards API's to integrate existing IT infrastructures, or extend capabilities to mobile devices, fax servers, back-up utilities, email archiving tools and Samba administration tools.  Open-Xchange Server 5.0 supports the two leading Enterprise Linux distributions, Red Hat and SUSE, and is available with the Collax Business Server.


Simplify your email!

  • Slick, intuitive layout
  • All your data at a glance
  • Sort & search
  • Threaded & unthreaded views
  • Secure access from any browser, anywhere via PC, laptop or PDA
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One-Click Commands!
  • Format message content with clear, coherent commands
  • Choose an alias
  • Attach your vCard
  • Insert Signature
  • Spell Check
  • Customize text size, font, alignment, etc.
  • Request read receipts
  • Undo/Redo
  • Change language
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Maximize webmail efficiency!

  • Select multiple messages at a time
  • Move, copy, delete messages
  • Color-catagorize messages for easy identification
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Open framework for integrated collaboration
Open-Xchange provides a framework based on open standards and API's that allows easy integration of rich clients, browsers, applications and utilities. These extensions are called OXtenders and make it easy for organizations to adopt new technologies.

Learn more about:
OXtender for MS Outlook
OXtender for Palm OS
OXtender for Samba
OXtender for SyncML

Community OXtenders
Members of the Open-Xchange community have developed a number of OXtenders as well. Pointers to these OXtenders can be found here  or here under integrations in the Wiki. Open-Xchange Inc. does not offer these community oxtenders as part its portfolio of products. It does not offer support for community OXtenders.


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